Plantation Shutter Cost In 2023

plantation shutters cost

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Depending on the materials employed, the cost of plantation shutters might change dramatically. Wood, composite materials, and vinyl are the most often used materials for plantation shutters. Each has distinct qualities and pricing ranges.

1. Material Matters

material matters

Plantation shutters made of wood are frequently regarded as the most opulent choice. Prices for them range from $200 to $500 per square foot, depending on the type of wood and finish, and they offer a timeless and traditional appeal. The cost of premium hardwoods like oak, maple, or cherry is typically higher.

Composite Plantation Shutters: Made of engineered wood, composite shutters are long-lasting and moisture-resistant. They are more reasonably priced than genuine wood, with prices per square foot ranging from $100 to $300.

Plantation shutters made of vinyl are the least expensive alternative; they normally cost between $50 and $200 per square foot. They are renowned for their low maintenance requirements and moisture resistance.

2. Dimensions and Setup

The size and arrangement of your windows have a big impact on how much plantation shutters will cost. Larger windows and intricate forms would need more labour and materials, raising the final cost. Additionally, more expensive than typical sizes will be shutters built specifically to accommodate irregularly shaped and sized windows.

3. Installment Fees

Depending on whether you decide to install the plantation shutters yourself or hire a pro, the cost of installation may change. DIY installation needs a certain degree of ability and equipment but may save you money on labour costs. Professional installation provides a precise fit and skilled workmanship, albeit being more expensive.

4. Additional Enhancements and Features

shutters features

The many features and improvements that plantation shutters offer can affect the final cost. A few of these are:

Motorization: Increase the cost of your shutters by adding motorized controls for remote operation.

Special Finishes: Additional fees may apply for custom paint or stain finishes.

Tilt Mechanism: The price may vary depending on the tilt mechanism, which may include conventional tilt rods or covert tilt bars.

Divider Rails: You could need divider rails, which can raise the cost if you want the option to open the top and bottom louvres separately.

5. Quality and Brand

Norman best quality

The price of plantation shutters is also influenced by their brand and quality. Prices for well-known and reliable brands are frequently pricier, but they may also include extra advantages like warranty coverage and better quality. Finding the right balance between your spending limit and the quality you want is crucial.

6. Place in the World

Your geographic location might also affect how much plantation shutters cost. Due to variations in labour and material costs, prices may vary from one place to another. To receive a more precise cost based on your unique location, it is best to request quotes from nearby vendors.

7. Sources and Quotations

It’s critical to evaluate options, gather estimates from various vendors, and conduct supplier research to have a good idea of how much your project will cost in terms of plantation shutters. You may make an informed choice using this technique while staying within your financial means.

Conclusion: Your property can benefit from the elegance and practicality of plantation shutters. It’s crucial to consider the material, size, installation, extra features, brand, and location when estimating the cost of plantation shutters. You may get the ideal plantation shutters that fit your budget and improve the aesthetic of your living space by conducting in-depth research and requesting various quotations. Your investment in plantation shutters may provide your house with years of timeless beauty and light control, whether you pick wood, composite, or vinyl shutters.

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